Great exercises for sexy Abs and Obliques

November 4, 2008 at 5:28 pm (fitness) ()

I have a good article for you today with some ideas for exercises for the obliques and ab workouts you can do at home as well. With all of the useless “torso twist” machines and other worthless oblique exercises out there, this will help with some better alternatives.

pls feel free to post to ur website and blogs

check out the article by clicking on the site below

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kimora- Fab life

November 4, 2008 at 5:11 pm (Celebrity) ()

Kimora Lee Simmons      Join the Kimora Life in the Fab Lane Sneak Peek Crew!

The asian american lady is loved by everyone, most especially i love the lady because she knows wat she wantts for her life at the same time, she believes in jesus “u can imagine”

she came down to america sating she will make it all and she got it all, The mother of two and the CEO of baby phat was recently given the desogner of the year,

recently she weent in search of a female assistant as she goes house-hunting and the assistant goes entertaining her little baby girls (who just recently wrote in her diary that she kissed a boy).

Kimora’s got taste ””   whoa  ””,

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Martin luther Vs Obama(brink of History)

November 3, 2008 at 9:47 pm (Barack Obama)

Extracts of martin luther king jnr” famous speech” I HAVE A DREAM”

I am happy to join u today in what will go down in history as the greatest demonstation for freedom in the history of our nation.

    ” I have a dream that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged according to color of skin, but by the context of their character…….  I HAVE A DREAM

Now is the time to rise up and m,ake the real promises of Democracy

Will the dream come to reality tomorrow as the votings are opening up , and all movie stars has given their permissions and advise to the masses to rise up and vote the right way…. We all have a dream.

Now do u think Obama has a dream, and why do we all like him?

Can’t realy say but he is black, HAHAHAHA

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i am tired of Mc cain and Obama

October 29, 2008 at 12:43 am (Election)

why shouldnt i be,

imagine watch CNN daily 24hrs, all u see is the whole race for presidency.

it was fun at a time, but now am just tired. CNN should be showing the latest Happenings and News , not just Obama and Mc cain plzzzzzzzzzzz.

Even the black man runing for presidency, although very brillant and wise in all doings says and i quote

     ” Nigeria is a big and black disgrace to Africa”

can u take this, naturally NO,

so Voting is out and finally, even if mine doesn’t count.

        peace out.♥

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Blair Underwood’s Aha! Moment

October 20, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Uncategorized)

The Dirty Sexy Money actor thought solving problems made him a man. Then his wife taught him that sometimes, the best solution is just listening.

My parents have been married for 48 years. They are my heroes in love, and they’ve taught me what a relationship can be—enduring and powerful.

I grew up in a pretty traditional household. My father, who was a colonel in the Army, was the breadwinner, and my mother was the caretaker. He was responsible for putting food on the table and keeping us safe; she cooked, cleaned, and nurtured us. When my dad wasn’t around, my brother and I were the de facto men of the house. We learned to repair the VCR, to change the oil in the car, to lock the doors at night. If there was a tornado coming, or if there had been robberies in the neighborhood, it was up to us males to make sure our family was secure.

I took this role to heart when I was young and feeling my way around my relationship with my wife-to-be, Desiree. I wanted to be her rock, her protector. If she had a problem, I wanted to solve it. I thought that’s what was expected of me.

One evening 14 years ago, when we were engaged to be married, Desiree and I went out for the night. On the way back, driving on the dark roads toward our home in the Hollywood Hills, she began to talk to me about a heavy issue in her life. She was venting, and I, as usual, interjected with a series of solutions.

In her patient way, she turned to me, put her hand on my arm, and looked me straight in the eye. “Baby, I don’t need you to fix it,” she said. “I just need you to listen to me.”

As a man, it can be confusing to know what role to play. There I was, with the woman I would soon marry, trying to jockey for position in her life. What did it mean to be her significant other? That night, I understood that it meant I needed to hear her when she spoke to me. Trying to come up with ways to solve her problems gave me a false sense of control, and when I offered up unsolicited advice, I was disrespecting a strong woman who knew how to handle her own life. I was relieved as well; she didn’t expect me to always have an answer for her. She wasn’t coming to me for a repair. She just needed a shoulder to cry on.

From then on, my relationship with my wife, with my mother, female friends, sisters, has opened up. They have become more honest, and we’ve gotten to know one another better. I’m no longer afraid to not know. But if they ask for my advice? Then I give it to them.

I’ve also seen shifts in my parents’ relationship. As they’ve grown older, my mother has become ill with multiple sclerosis. Now my father, formerly the strict military man, cares for her. He cooks for her, helps her with daily chores. I’ve seen their willingness to make changes as life demands.

From my parents, I thought I learned how to be a man—to be a fixer, as I interpreted the role. Later on, I understood that there needs to be flexibility in a relationship. And driving home that night, my wife taught me what it means to be a man in my relationship with her. Fourteen years of marriage and three kids later, I’m still listening.

As told to Justine van der Leun


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potatoes – friend or foe for a Lean-Body?

October 20, 2008 at 5:47 pm (health)


I’d like to start a little discussion today about carbohydrates… and in particular, potatoes. One reason I wanted to mention this is because so many health and fitness professionals trash talk potatoes about being a bad carbohydrate choice because of the high glycemic index. Some even say such ridiculous things as “avoid any and all white carbohydrates”.

Ok, now while I certainly agree that white bread and refined white sugar are two of the worst things we can be feeding our bodies, I definitely don’t agree with avoiding any and all “white carbohydrates”. Now I know all of the buzz lately has been about colorful foods and the protective ant ioxidants that they contain. They tell you to focus on colors and stay away from white. It’s true that colorful foods are great, but it is a big mistake to specifically avoid white foods! There are plenty of white foods that have specific nutrients that are hard to find elsewhere. Let’s look at a few examples…

What about onions and garlic? They are both white and they are chock full of protective phytonutrients, vitamins, and trace minerals that aren’t easy to find eslewhere in a normal diet… such nutrients as allicin, quercetin (an important flavonoid), chromium, and other unique anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Another example of something white that is great for you is cauliflower. Cauliflower is loaded with vitamin C, fiber, minerals, and special compounds such as glucosinolates and thiocyanates, which are specifically abundant in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.

Not many people realize this, but surprisingly, even white mushrooms have high levels of unique nutrients and antioxidants. White mushrooms are high in a couple types of antioxidants called polyphenols and ergothioneine.

Now that also leads us to another example – white potatoes (which by the way, can also be found in red, yellow, purple varieties, etc). Many health professionals claim that potatoes are a bad carbohydrate because they are thought to have a high glycemic index. First of all, if you’ve read my Truth about Six Pack Abs book, then you understand that glycemic index is not necessarily the most important factor in choosing your carbohydrates.

While a generalization can be made that most low glycemic index carbohydrate choices will help you lose body fat easier than high glycemic index choices, it is not all that it’s cracked up to be. There are many other factors that determine how your body will react-to and process the carbohydrates you ingest, such as glycemic load and also how you combine the high GI food with other foods.

For example, using glycemic load as an example… it is known that watermelon has a high glycemic index. However, the glycemic load of a normal serving of watermelon is just way too low for your body to start packing on body fat just because you ate a high glycemic index fruit. You would have to eat such an enormous quantity of watermelon just to get enough grams of carbohydrates to have any negative glycemic effect, that it is just non-sensical.

Not to mention that watermelon is also a great source of vitamins, minerals, and lycopene. There’s just no reason to avoid it simply because it has a high GI. My point is… candy bars, cupcakes, and donuts make you fat… NOT watermelons, carrots, or potatoes.

Also, as i mentioned, food combinations are important in how your body processes the carbohydrates and the associated blood sugar and insulin response you receive. For example, if you mix a high glycemic index carbohydrate with an extra source of fiber, healthy fats, or even certain proteins, many times the blood sugar and glycemic response will be slowed down considerably by the way you combined the food. Again, I talk in detail about this entire topic in my Truth about Six Pack Abs book

Alright, so back to my point that white potatoes are actually a healthy carbohydrate as long as you eat them in the right form… with the entire skin, and please don’t ruin them by deep frying them into french fries either! French fries are one of the most evil things ever invented for your health, but only because we ruin them by soaking them in a scorching bath of trans fats in the deep fryer from the hydrogenated oils that are typically used.

Keep in mind that potatoes contain so many vitamins and minerals that the list is way too long to even try. Also, as long as you eat the skins, you get a decent shot of fiber too.

On the topic of potatoes not being so bad after all, I don’t remember where I saw this referenced, but I recently saw a particular study that had participants eat something like 7-9 whole potatoes per day for several weeks. At the conclusion of the study, the potato eaters had actually consistently lost wei.ght! I’d venture a guess that the reason the people lost we.ight is that they were probably so full from eating all of those damn potatoes, that they actually consumed less calories than normal! An average sized potato only has about 100-120 calories, and I can surely imagine you’d be full constantly from eating 7-9 potatoes each day.

Now I would never recommend going to those extremes, but my point is that an occasional potato is not going to hurt your efforts to get lean, especially if you combine it with some other fibrous vegetables and maybe a healthy fat and some protein. On that note, I have one of my favorite recipes for you, using potatoes.

Geary’s Lean-Body Potato Side Dish

  • Desired quantity of baby potatoes (I like to use this mixture I found recently at a health food store… it is a mixture of white, red, yellow, and purple baby potatoes)
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 green pepper
  • 1 yellow pepper
  • 1 or 2 onions
  • a couple cloves of garlic, finely chopped
  • 1 or 2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  • a little salt and pepper to taste (I like using a sea salt instead of normal commercial salt)

Cut the baby potatoes into slightly smaller pieces and place in a steamer until soft all the way through. Slice up the peppers and onions into strips and add with the chopped garlic into a pan with the olive oil. Cook the peppers, onions, and garlic until tender, and then add the steamed baby potatoes. Stir it all together and serve. This is a delicious and healthy side dish that goes great with chicken or red meat.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little topic today about potatoes, healthy carbohydrates, glycemic index, and my killer potato recipe idea! That’s about all for today.

One last thing… For all of you busy people out there that find it hard to fit working out into your daily schedule, be sure to visit my new website geared towards busy people that need fast but effective workouts –

Have a great week, and I’ll be back in touch soon.

Stay lean,     


cited from Mike Geary Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer

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First aid in emphasis on poisoning

October 18, 2008 at 5:09 pm (health)

first and foremost,

look for signs if y’all suspect poisoning:

  1. burns or redness around the mouth and the lips which can result from drinking certain poisons,
  2. breath that smells like chemicals, perhaps gasoline or paint thinner, floor, rugs or other objects in the surrounding area.
  3. vomiting, dificulty breathing, sleepliness, confusion or oher signs

other conditions mimic the signs and symptoms of poisoning includes, seizures, alcohol intoxication, stroke and insulin reaction.

if u can find no indication of poisoning, dn’t treat the person

check for containers,

  1. read the label- -following instructions on the product specifiying what to do
  2. call for information on products or the emergency help
  3. Dn’t induce vomiting, instead seek emergency medical assistance
  4. Remove clothing, if contaminated. that is if the person has vomited on the cloth, skin,
  5. flush with lukewarm water
  6. Take the container from which the person drank from


Check out my other blog ideas on

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Does it still Rain in late October?

October 18, 2008 at 9:55 am (Uncategorized)

Hey guys, its 9am and the earth still looks like 9pm, writing for Lagos, Nigeria

Men WATS happening? Africa is GODBLESSED; we don’t usually see disasters, except human ones but today seem to have lost it.

But I have to go out; I can’t afford to be at Home today not when my sister needs me,

Here is what I found out— check it out


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October 18, 2008 at 9:35 am (Uncategorized)

\letget  started””””

Ø      Know what u don’t want

Ø      Select what you like to Have, Do and Be

Ø      Get very Clear wiv yourself

Ø      Feel how exciting it would be to have, do,

Or be what you want.

v     Let Go


*      Check recent quotes From great Writers  


“If we don’t like what’s happening to us in the world,

all we have to do is change our consciousness—and the

world out there changes for us!”

n      Lester Levenson, “Keys to the Ultimate Freedom,” 1993


“Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your

wings on the way down.”

— Ray Bradbury


“Try to remember that the picture you think, feel and see

is reflected into the Universal Mind, and by the natural law of

reciprocal action must return to you in either spiritual or

physical form.”

n      Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend, 1921


“Prosperity is the ability to do what you want to do at

the instant you want to do it.”

n      Treat Yourself to Life by Raymond Charles Barker, 1954


Feel the joy of having what you want—feel it right

 now—and you will begin to pull it to you and you to it.


“The whole process of mental, spiritual and material

 riches may be summed up in one word: Gratitude.”

Your Infinite Power to be Rich by Joseph Murphy, 1966


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How Spinning Around in a Circle Like a 4-year old Child will Skyrocket Your Weight Loss Success”

October 18, 2008 at 9:26 am (fitness)

I’ve mentioned before about how shocked I am at the daily decisions some people make that go directly against their efforts to lose fat and get lean (despite their claims that they are “trying everything”).Well, once again I’m baffled. Here’s what I saw…

I was waiting for a flight last week, and I wanted to get something to eat before getting on a 3 hour flight back home. Even though I had some almonds and a couple whole food bars to snack on in my carry-on bag (I try to always be prepared with healthy snacks while traveling), I knew I was going to need something more substantial to eat to hold me over until I would get home later that night.

Although most of the places to eat in the airport were your typical chain fast food joints, I was lucky enough to stumble onto a small cafe that actually had some surprisingly healthy options.

Now here’s what shocked me…

There was a fast food joint right next to this healthy cafe.  The line for the First fast food was at least 20 people deep with everyone that got through the line stuffing their face with all sorts of deep fried nasty-ness.

However, there were only 2 people in the healthy cafe (and I was the 3rd)! Huh!?!

Now I do realize that in recent times, the major fast food chains are at least attempting to offer up some healthier options for people to choose from, but I can assure you from what I saw, nobody was choosing any of the healthy options over the deep fried junk.

Not only that, but as I scanned the long line of people waiting patiently for their chemical-laden trans fat infested “happy” meals, I noticed that not 1 single person was normal weight… every single person in the line was overweight



I Will send u guys the rest of the info during the midday.

Below, I’ll give you the logic and rationale on why spinning around actually works for all of the above health benefits that I just mentioned.

And… if you still don’t believe me after all that you’ve read,

then I simply challenge you to spin around (as outlined) for -10 days and prove or disprove it to yourself. Not much to  ask it

How I Learned About This

Well, I like to read. I read just about anything and everything when it comes to health, exercise, nutrition, strange things that peak my curiosity, etc.

So how I learned this was by accident… from reading about Sufi Muslims in Turkey who are called “Whirling Dervishes”.

This spinning around thing that they did fascinated me. So I had to know more about “why” they did it. I won’t get

into the religious aspect of it because that’s unnecessary for our purposes, however I will say that they spin around into an ecstatic state of mind as a show of love and a drama of their faith. That is the “why” part.

Since that really doesn’t account for the health benefits, I’ll move along.

But one thing I did notice in researching about Whirling Dervishes was that ALL OF THEM were thin, had

had amazing energy, and were kinda youthful (compared to their actual ages).

So I thought to myself “Hmmmm, ok, what the heck, I’ll spin around and see what the big deal is about”.

So I did it once.

WOW… was that an experience. I nearly knocked over a lamp after spinning around 20 times. I had to just kinda sit and lie down at the same time (if you can picture that) on my couch to normalize myself.

So I rested and felt normal after a few minutes… but, I also felt energized.

I was like “whoa, this is interesting”. The reason being, I exercise often and I feel energized from exercising, however , THIS WAS A DIFFERENT TYPE OF ENERGY that I was feeling.

I had this feeling of a tingling sensation in my head and heart. A lightness. I felt more alive. I felt good! Surprisingly, I was also kinda outta breath too.

Well, it was a 100% success, but with a few bumps along the road.

First the successes…

After 14-17 days they all had more energy, felt better, looked better, lost a few pounds (some more than others), and acted more youthful. Heck, even if they didn’t lose weight, spinning would still be awesome for all of the other health benefits. So I consider the weight loss an extra benefit.

So before I get to the program for spinning, I have to tell you that you only spin 1 way. And that is to your right. Picture yourself standing in the middle of a clock, face-up on the ground.

You want to spin CLOCKWISE, same as the hands on a clock. So your left arm will always be following your right arm when you first start the spinning.

So your arms are out to your sides like airplane wings, outstretched and horizontal to the ground… at shoulder level. Left arm is at 9 o’clock and your right arm is at 3 o’clock.

You begin spinning in a circle (in the same spot). Your right arm starts moving from 3 o’clock to 4 o’clock, and etc. At the same time, your left arm is moving from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock. Got it?

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